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Rush studio, Shani Rubinstein

“Our vision is to bring together different cultures and experiences through a blend of passion and creativity in order to meet the unique design goals of each client. As business professionals, we are always looking out for our clients’ best interest.


As a multicultural boutique studio based in San Diego, California, we are known for our talent and love of designing custom hospitality, retail and commercial interior design experiences. Our portfolio of projects is distinctly unique in design and yet mindful of function.”


SHANI RUBINSTEIN, Founder and Creative Director

Shani has been designing interiors for hospitality, commercial and residential projects since 2007. Her design experience includes working with popular brands such as Taco Bell, Hardee's, Carl's Jr, Lucy, Electric California, Skechers, Snap Kitchen, Reef, O’Neill and others. Shani’s work can be found around the world, from Europe and Asia to Southern California.

As a trained industrial designer, she has a natural aptitude for perfecting design concepts while respecting conventional and traditional design philosophies. Her strengths lie in the ability to conceptualize distinctive environments that enhance the vision and branding clients aspire to.

Born and raised in Mexico City, Shani has always had a passion for design. Her multicultural background brings a different creative approach to each of her projects. Shani has a natural creative instinct, and a formal training in Industrial Design and Interior Architecture.  Travel, food and good company are what gives her inspiration for her designs.




"I am always surprised and delighted with the innovative thinking and creative concepting RUSH provides with our store design.  They have redefined the entire décor and customer experience for the Taco Bell International footprint.  Shani and the team have really pushed our brand to transcend the QSR experience.  She never gives us what we expect, she gives us what we do not, and always exceeds our expectations with her creativity and sense for consumer relevance.  Projects are finished on time and on budget.  A welcomed trait for a design firm."

~ Rich Pinnella

V.P. & General Manager, Taco Bell International

“Many start up companies such as ours are composed of highly experienced people having left positions in large corporations with big budgets and access to infinite resources. In our case, we all had worked with top-notched designers over the years with little or no concern how much time and money was being spent on outside resources. So the challenge for us was to find a design partner who can think on a large scale, tackle the intricacies of creating a brand but with the nimbleness and financial discipline of scrappy entrepreneurs. Shani nailed our project! She has big-brand experience and has created for us a look that is unique, own-able and simple to execute as we grow. She did an amazing job taking our our brand voice, operating mind-set and our - “simple done exceptional” - mantra and translating it into design that is truly exceptional. We continue to get rave reviews of our concept and design!"

~ Martin Hennesy 

Owner, Managing Partner - Dugg Burger, LLC



What other services does RUSH Creative Studio offer besides design concept development?

We partner with some amazing companies that can help you achieve your goals. We have great relationships with architects, contractors, graphic designers, project managers and builders to help you through the entire process.

Can you do a project outside of California?

Of course! We can work remotely and still be fully involved in all the details of your project. Our abilities and creative skills can be adapted to any circumstances, no matter the distance apart we are. Great communication and teamwork will make your project successful.

Is RUSH Creative Studio a company that designs with the environment in mind?

Always! We care about the planet and how we can make it better. With our LEED AP credential  from the U.S Green Building Council, RUSH Creative Studio will help you make the right decision; By choosing eco-friendly materials, we can ensure the project is following the environmental compliance laws and adapts green principles in your design.

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All Rush Creative Studio photos provided by Shelly Rubinstein 

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