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Lucy activewear, an apparel company, was looking to redesign their existing stores. Working alongside of Michael Hurst and the Lucy team of VF Corporation, an innovative new store concept was rolled out nationwide to over twenty locations, remodels of existing stores, and a wholesale fixture roll out.


The concept of the redesign was focused on letting the product shine in a sophisticated studio like space. By creating a bright, warm and athletic design, incorporating a  dramatic chandelier at the entrance of the store, the retail space offers a more residential vibe. With eco-friendly wood floors, cement tile, unique fixtures and 3D bamboo panels delineating space throughout the store. The new store design also includes an update to the dressing area with rich fabric textiles, a community board, white painted brick and hanging pendants that creates an inviting and comfortable space.



Designed by Shani Rubinstein as Lead Designer for Displayit Inc.

Lucy, Rush Creative Studio

Photography by Displayit Inc.

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